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Campaign Launch Week 2023

Think College Awareness Week offered virtual learning events for students, families, educators and transition professionals, and higher education personnel. This event was sponsored by the Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network and launched our public awareness campaign, “Think Higher. Think College.”. Each session provided information and resources related to inclusive postsecondary education for students with intellectual disability. Each event recording includes ASL and live captioning. Take a look!

Photo of students in a college classroom, raising hands and smiling, including one male with Down syndrome in the center.

Think College Awareness Week Events

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View from the ground, looking up at 2 female college students walking down the sidewalk on a college campus. Both women are white, and wearing backpacks and lanyards with their ID.
Monday, April 24th, 2023
“Think Higher. Think College.”: Campaign Video Premiere and Student Panel
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Filmmaker Dan Habib will introduce and share a brand new video promoting access to higher education for students with intellectual disability. Then three students featured in the video will join to elaborate on their college experiences, and take your questions.

Hispanic male college student sitting at his desk in his dorm room, working on his  computer. He is turning toward the camera, smiling, and looking up at someone.
Monday, April 24th, 2023
“Think Higher. Think College.” Campaign: Get a Tour of the Campaign Website & New Resources
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Want to learn how YOU can Think Higher.Think College.? Our team will guide you through our brand new website and resources so that you can directly help spread the word about college for individuals with intellectual disability.

Photo of a male with Down syndrome in a college classroom, raising his hand and smiling.
Tuesday, April 25th, 2023
The Transition to College: Effective Strategies for Educators
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Learn from the best! Our panel of transition professionals will share strategies for preparing students with intellectual disability for college and answer your questions. Our team will also share information on how to promote inclusive college-based transition services partnerships as well as resources related to transition planning.

Black college student sitting at a long table in a classroom. He is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera. On the table in front of him is a backpack with a baseball hat on top of it.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2023
Families Thinking Higher by Thinking College
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Families and students interested in learning about what to expect from a college program for students with intellectual disability, hearing what it is like to go to college from a recent graduate and learning how families support that big move from high school to college are encouraged to attend this interactive webinar presentation. The presenters will share basic information and then open it up for questions and comments from attendees.

Black female college student in a motorized wheelchair, with a single crutch sticking up behind her. She's wearing a backpack and a green lanyard. She's looking right at the camera, not smiling.
Thursday, April 27th, 2023
Higher Education Professionals Can Think College
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You will hear from higher education leaders about the impact of including students with intellectual disability on their campuses. Are you interested in learning more about starting a college program for students with intellectual disability? Learn from our panel of program directors who have vast experience in program development and currently lead IPSE programs across the country.

College students in class, some working in pairs at desks for two people. In the foreground, a white woman is working on a laptop with a thoughtful expression on her face.
Friday, April 28th, 2023
Get Ready for IPSE Day 2023
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Show your pride and excitement for inclusive postsecondary education by celebrating IPSE Day 2023. Join us to learn about resources to help you participate in the celebration and promote college access for students with intellectual disability.

Black female college student sitting in a chair smiling, in a library, in front of a shelf of books. She's holding a book and her backpack is on the floor next to her.
Friday, April 28th, 2023
Ask Us Anything! Town Hall
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Curious about how to find the right college? Want to learn more about dorm life? Funding possibilities? Ask experts on inclusive postsecondary education ANYTHING about college for students with intellectual disability. Bring all your questions and tune in!