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What if every young adult with intellectual disability in the United States saw college as an option?

The “Think Higher. Think College.” public awareness campaign is designed to build awareness and expand access to college for students with intellectual disability. Our goals are to increase knowledge of inclusive college options, share information about the benefits and outcomes of students with intellectual disability attending college, and offer people ways to spread the message: “Think Higher. Think College.”.

The “Think Higher. Think College.” public awareness campaign was developed by Think College’s Inclusive Higher Education Network.

Resources by Audience

Two girls laughing together on the floor in dance class. They are dressed casually, in sweats, one is leaning back on her arm with her feet off the ground, the other has one leg straight in front of her and the other bent with her arm around it.

Students & Families

Yes, your child with intellectual disability can go to college!

Black female college student smiling.

Educators & Transition Specialists

Teachers and transition specialists can help guide students with intellectual disability to think college!

A Black man with a big smile wearing black and gold robes confers a degree to a white male student. The student is facing the audience smiling, holding his diploma.

Higher Education Professionals

Students with intellectual disability belong on your campus. Click here to learn more.

A black man wearing glasses and a short-sleeved pink shirt sits at a desk, focused on his computer screen. The desk is cluttered with various papers and folders, with a row of colorful file folders prominently visible in the foreground.

Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals

Employment is the ultimate outcome for students with intellectual disability and vocational rehabilitation counselors can help make it happen!

Take Action

Be a part of the “Think Higher. Think College.” Campaign

Share this website and its resources with someone today! More students, families, and professionals need to know college is possible for students with intellectual disability to change expectations and challenge people to “Think Higher. Think College.”

Social media toolkit

This social media toolkit helps you spread the word about the “Think Higher. Think College.” campaign. This toolkit contains a range of resources including sample text for social media, sample social media images, hashtags to use, accessibility information, and much more.

A Resource Guide for Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability

This simple and easy- to- use guide offers an overview of inclusive postsecondary education programs and resources, links, tips, and tools for college planning.

By the Numbers

Students with intellectual disability can go to college!

Over 300 US colleges and universities offer programs for students with intellectual disability. Students with intellectual disability are achieving their college goals when provided with access and high expectations. College provides the opportunity for students to explore new things, become more independent, and prepare for a bright future.


programs across 49 states


students are attending college or university each year


inclusive courses taken between 2010 and 2020 from students at TPSIDs


find competitive integrated employment 1 year after leaving college

Partner Collaborations & Featured Webinars

Another way we are sharing this campaign is through collaborative events with our partners like webinars for educators, families, and others. Below are recordings from past webinars, and you can find information about upcoming events here.


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THINK IT, DREAM IT, DO IT: Post-high School Options for Students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

This webinar covers national higher education resources and opportunities expanding in Minnesota, presented by Dan Habib from Think College, Mary Hauff with the Minnesota Inclusive Higher Education Consortium, Dawn Allen (Director of Bethel Build), and a panel of young adults with their families.

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Think Higher. Think College. New Resources and Strategies on College Access for Students with Intellectual Disability

A panel webinar featuring transition specialists, a postsecondary program director, and a vocational rehabilitation administrator shares strategies for helping students with intellectual disabilities pursue inclusive college opportunities.

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Getting on the Same Page: Helping Families and Youth to “Think College”

Featuring two college students with intellectual disability, Dan Habib moderates a discussion (hosted by RAISE) about what it means to "Think College." Will and Kaylie share how they learned that college was an option for them, what college is like, and what they hope to do after college. This webinar is also available in Spanish.

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Career and Technical Education Month: Interviews with FPCTP Students

This webinar is focused on celebrating Career and Technical Education Month, featuring a panel of students currently enrolled in Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs at technical colleges, who share about their college experiences, career goals, and more.

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Accessing Higher Education: How Educators Can Help Students with Intellectual Disability to Think College

This expert panel, facilitated by Dan Habib, addressed questions about the value of college for students with intellectual disability, how to prepare students for college, selecting the right college, creating equity for students from marginalized backgrounds, and more.

Graphic for a webinar recording from the Council for Exceptional Children. The title 'How Educators Can Help Students with Intellectual Disability to Think College' is displayed in bold white and blue text on a dark blue background. A circular inset photo on the right shows a smiling young woman in a green top working at a laptop with papers in front of her.
How Educators Can Help Students with Intellectual Disability to Think College

This webinar featured a panel of educators and an inclusive higher education professional who shared information about existing college options for students with ID, as well as how to guide students toward college while in K-12, including assembling a team for a smooth transition.

Graphic for a webinar recording now available titled 'My College Life'. The image features three inset photos of speakers from the event. In the top left, Jaylen, wearing glasses and a green shirt with the word 'FAMILY' above a basketball hoop graphic, smiles at the camera. In the top right, Kenneth, dressed in a blue shirt and tie, holds a microphone and appears to be speaking at an event. In the bottom right, Grace, wearing glasses and a bright pink sweater, is smiling at the camera.
My College Life: Students with Intellectual Disability Share Their Lived Experiences

This webinar featured three college students who shared their personal journeys paired with experts who discussed valuable resources and initiatives aimed at promoting college access for these students with ID.

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