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What if every young adult with intellectual disability in the United States saw college as an option?

The “Think Higher. Think College.” campaign is designed to build awareness and expand access to college for students with intellectual disability. Our goals are to increase knowledge of inclusive college options, share information about the benefits and outcomes of students with intellectual disability attending college, and offer people ways to spread the message: “Think Higher. Think College.”.


Two girls laughing together on the floor in dance class. They are dressed casually, in sweats, one is leaning back on her arm with her feet off the ground, the other has one leg straight in front of her and the other bent with her arm around it.

Students & Families

Yes, your child with intellectual disability can go to college!

Black female college student smiling.

Educators/Transition/VR Professionals

Teachers, transition specialists, and Vocational Rehabilitation professionals can help guide students with intellectual disability to think college!

A Black man with a big smile wearing black and gold robes confers a degree to a white male student. The student is facing the audience smiling, holding his diploma.

Higher Education Professionals

Students with intellectual disability belong on your campus. Click here to learn more.

Take Action

Be a part of the “Think Higher. Think College.” Campaign

Share this website and its resources with someone today! More students, families, and professionals need to know college is possible for students with intellectual disability to change expectations and challenge people to “Think Higher. Think College.”

Social media toolkit

This social media toolkit helps you spread the word about the “Think Higher. Think College.” campaign. This toolkit contains a range of resources including sample text for social media, sample social media images, hashtags to use, accessibility information, and much more.

A Resource Guide for Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability

This simple and easy- to- use guide offers an overview of inclusive postsecondary education programs and resources, links, tips, and tools for college planning.

By the Numbers

Students with intellectual disability can go to college!

Over 300 US colleges and universities offer programs for students with intellectual disability. Students with intellectual disability are achieving their college goals when provided with access and high expectations. College provides the opportunity for students to explore new things, become more independent, and prepare for a bright future.


programs across 49 states


students are attending college or university each year


inclusive courses taken between 2010 and 2020 from students at TPSIDs


find competitive integrated employment 1 year after leaving college


Think College Awareness Week featured the world premiere of a new video designed to raise awareness of college options for students with intellectual disability. Virtual events for students, families, educators, transition professionals, and higher education personnel offered strategies and tools related to college access. Check them out!!

Photo of students in a college classroom, raising hands and smiling, including one male with Down syndrome in the center.

Think College Awareness Week Event Schedule

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Monday, April 24th

Campaign Video Premiere and Student Panel

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Get a Tour of the Campaign Website & New Resources

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Tuesday, April 25th

The Transition to College: Effective Strategies for Educators

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Wednesday, April 26th

Families Thinking Higher by Thinking College

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Thursday, April 27th

Higher Education Professionals Can Think College

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Friday, April 28th

Get Ready for IPSE Day 2023

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Ask Us Anything! IPSE Town Hall

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