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Share our Campaign

Help us get the word out!

Many people do not know students with intellectual disability can go to college. We need your help to share the “Think Higher. Think College.” message!

Black female college student sitting in a chair smiling, in a library, in front of a shelf of books. She's holding a book and her backpack is on the floor next to her.

What to share

All of the resources for the campaign are available in this google drive. Feel free to download and share.

Educational resources

Everyone has a part to play in making college possible for students with intellectual disability. Our resource guide is a great place to start and includes an overview of inclusive postsecondary education programs and resources, links, tips, and tools for college planning. Other printable resources are available for specific audiences including:

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Resource Guide

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Higher Education Leaders

Video Resources

Want to show the video? We have multiple formats of the campaign video you can share. The full video is 6 minutes and feature students and faculty from five different college campuses, highlighting the positive impact of inclusive higher education to students, families, and the entire campus community.

Available formats:

How to share

The tools and resources on the campaign website can be shared freely with teachers, transition specialists, vocational rehabilitation professionals (VR), school administrators, families, community members, and staff and faculty at colleges and universities. Click on the gray boxes below to find examples on how to share and use campaign resources and content.

Public Awareness Campaign Poster: Download this poster to display in your office or classroom. You may also hand out this poster at individualized education program (IEP) meetings, transition fairs, Board of Education meetings, community partnership meetings, and more.

Looking for ways to share on Social Media? Our social media assets spreadsheet  is updated regularly to include new posts and graphics to share. Each graphic includes an image description; please be sure to use that text when posting to social media! Image descriptions are important for anyone using a screenreader, as it provides a description of the image. On Facebook and Instagram, you can edit the image and directly add the alt text.

  • Can people with intellectual disability go to college? Yes, they can! Visit the “Think Higher. Think College.” public awareness campaign website to learn more. You’ll find a new video and lots of resources to #ThinkHigher #ThinkCollege at

  • People with intellectual disability can #ThinkHigher. #ThinkCollege. Think Access. Think Equity. Think Employment. Think Friendships. Think Confidence. Think Independence. Learn more at

  • Only 2% of school-age students with intellectual disability (ID) go to college. Learn how to change expectations for students with ID and #ThinkHigher. #ThinkCollege.

Sharing in newsletter/blog posts/other digital communication? We have examples in our Social Media and Dissemination Toolkit

PowerPoint/Presentation Slide: Are you giving a presentation and want to highlight the Think Higher. Think College. Public awareness campaign? Here are a few slides you can use in your presentation.

Want to represent the campaign in your email signature? Here is a premade option to include: 

Want to know more and help spread the word about inclusive higher education for students with intellectual disability? 

Watch this video to see what this looks like in the daily lives of students. Check out for more resources from Think College's Public Awareness Campaign! #THTC #ThinkHigher and #ThinkCollege 

[Image Description: Think Higher Think College Public Awareness Campaign Logo]


Attending a State Transition or vocational rehabilitation (VR) conference? Here are some of our informative publications to share.

We have created an easily accessible file that includes Start Here resources for students, families, and educators.

Looking for resources to share at an IEP meeting or person centered planning meeting? Here is a resource with over 100 ideas for possible IEP goals to help students prepare for college. Also, check out Think College’s Preparing for College webpage for other resources. 

Interested in other resources? Check out the Think College resource library here!

Have another idea? Or a question about how to use these resources? Send us an email at: