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Educators, Transition & VR Professionals

Black female college student smiling and looking to her left at a white female student who is looking across the table at someone else.

Where to start ?

Educators and Transition Specialists, you are such an important part of this process of preparing students with intellectual disability to Think College! Learn some facts and how to talk to others about it with this new resource.

VR Professionals, college is an effective pathway to employment for students with intellectual disability. Learn how VR is supporting access to inclusive postsecondary education and answers to some frequently asked questions here.

How can transition and other educators help prepare students for college?

We created this handy document to provide useful resources on preparing your students for college.

Teachers can! School administrators can! YOU can Think College. These handouts share information you need about college planning for students with intellectual disability.

Read advice from other college students with disabilities in this student guide to college planning.

This table outlines how teachers can support students to prepare for expectations in college.

How can VR professionals support college students with ID?

Check out the connection between college and employment in this VR Counselors can Think College resource.

VR is a key player in transition and employment. This resource offers VR providers and other key stakeholders guiding questions for employment  planning for college students with intellectual disability.

When VR supports college access, students with ID are more likely to be employed and earn higher wages! Wanna see the data? Check it out here.

Have questions?

We have a team of technical assistance providers waiting to answer your questions. Email us at